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Why aren't all game overviews like this Edge of Eternity trailer?

by: Eric -
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I've watched a lot of game overview videos in my day. They are usually a barrage of fast editing, flashy special effects, and hyperactive music. But this Edge of Eternity Walkthrough Trailer is something different. It takes its time. It doesn't jump from scene to scene. It has professional narration, and it is completely watchable and engrossing. More than that, it gives the viewer a great sense of what the game is all about. 

See that? After watching that trailer, don't you feel like you have a really good idea of what Edge of Eternity is? The trailer doesn't show too much, just enough for the view to really lock in on the visuals and play style, while leaving plenty of mystery to be discovered. Production value doesn't always mean strobe lights, friends.

I came away from this trailer with a good working knowledge of Edge of Eternity - including the combat system, fast travel, the menus, character upgrades, and the overall JRPG vibe of the thing. That's a ton of info to pack into eight minutes while still being entertaining.

Edge of Eternity will release in full on PC on June 8th with a launch update that adds 10 hours of additional gameplay and brings the game’s story to an end. It is also coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X, Game Pass in Q4 2021.

Side Note: Man, I've got to get on this Game Pass train. This is getting ridiculous.