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News Roundup: The Tarr Path to Armageddon

by: Randy -
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  • CCP, developers of the fantastic EVE Online, celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  MMORPG.com went to Iceland to celebrate at CCP HQ.
  • Based on game demos and an interview with SOE's Matt Wilson, WarCry previews upcoming MMO, The Agency.
  • MPOGD.com reviews the robust crafting system in Vanguard.
  • John's still reeling from the pricetag, but here's a review of Pac-Man: Championship Edition for the 360.
  • No power, no game time.  Here's the OCZ ProXstream 1000W Power Supply.  (And here's Legit Review's Day 3 coverage of Computex 2007.)
Thanks to MPOGD, WarCry, AtomicGamer, Killer Betties, Legit Reviews, and MMORPG.com for today's News Roundup.