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Trailers hit PSN

by: Chuck -
It's kind of a slow week for PSN releases as Sony is just releasing three game trailres (Heavenly Sword, MLB07: The Show, and Stranglehold) and a pair of movie trailers (Transformers, Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band:Live in Dublin).  Hopefully something a little more meaty next week.

New videos and trailers will be available on the PLAYSTATION®Store today for the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system including Heavenly Sword™, MLB 07 The Show, Stranglehold™ and more.

Below are the details of these exciting new offerings:


  • Heavenly Sword “Gamer’s Day 2007” Trailer (free): Emotionally charged, stunningly beautiful, and delivering unprecedented dramatic character performance, Heavenly Sword showcases the PS3 system’s power. Check out the new trailer for this much anticipated title, straight from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s recent Gamer’s Day media event.


  • MLB 07 The Show (PS3) Video (free): The best-selling baseball franchise is now available for PS3! This season we’re proud to introduce a slew of new features including: Road To The Show, Adaptive Pitching Intelligence, Online League Play, Pitch Command System and unique Umpire Personalities. This week, take a look at a tutorial video of the game's online feature set.


  • Stranglehold Trailer (free): Continue the story of John Woo’s influential action film, Hard Boiled, starring Chow Yun-Fat. Engage your enemies in intense cinematic gun battles and cause extensive environmental damage using a full arsenal of deadly weapons. Hard Boiled will also be included in its entirety on the Blu-ray disc.


  • Movie Trailers (free): Download new trailers for the upcoming blockbuster film, Transformers, and the upcoming Blu-ray release, Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band: Live in Dublin.