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The Oatmeal made a game, ya'll

by: Rob -
More On: Kitty Letter

So the Oatmeal... If you've never heard of it, well welcome to a wonderful world of humorous and a bit off-kilter education on topics you never realized you needed to know about until you've read them. Well, except for the grammar stuff, you know you need help with these: https://theoatmeal.com/tag/grammar

The Oatmeal has partnered with Double Dagger Studio to release a mobile game, Kitty Letter. It's part word puzzle game, part unit fighting game, and all powered by the wonderful mind and artwork behind the Oatmeal. It's free, so there is no reason not to give it a try, and available on both iOS and Android. Read more about it and the inspiration behind it on the Oatmeal (where else?). Give it a try, why don't you? I'm about 1 minute in myself and already laughing at trying to slap a trout until it gets to room temperature.