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Call of the Sea available now on PlayStation®5 & PlayStation®4

by: Carter -
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If you're a fan of the 1930s and the adventure genre, you're in luck. 

Indie developer Out of the Blue and Raw Fury launched Call of the Sea on PS4 and PS5. An otherworldly tale of self-discovery and mystery set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea players follow Norah, a charming and determined young woman, to a lush island paradise in the uncharted reaches of the South Pacific on the search for her missing husband. On this mysterious island, you’ll unearth the remnants of a lost civilization, investigate clues, and solve a variety of clever puzzles to piece together the fate of Norah’s husband’s expedition. Explore stunning tropical environments on this immersive voyage inspired by the surreal emotion, suspense, and surprises of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.

Check out the trailer for yourself (I'm betting Norah's husband has somehow been villainized -- but that's just my random speculation).   

To commemorate its PlayStation debut, the award-winning puzzle adventure game is available at a 20% discount for PlayStation®Plus members through May 18. Players who purchase the PlayStation®4 version of the game can upgrade to the PlayStation®5 digital version at no extra cost.

Call of the Sea launched on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC last December, receiving nominations for Best Debut Game at the 2021 BAFTA Games Awards and Excellence in Visual Art at the 2021 Independent Games Festival. It is also included with Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC.