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Bus Simulator 21 teams with Mercedes-Benz to include some super sexy licensed buses

by: Eric -
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Bus Simulator is back again to strangely fascinate us and haunt our dreams. Though the series have been running for quite a while on PC, the Bus Simulator released in 2019 must have been something of a success, because the new version is A) getting made, and B) launching directly to consoles.

Bus Simulator 21 must be seriously stepping up its game, because it has officially licensed Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses for the first time. Check out the Benz-specific trailer below:

That's the first time that I've looked at a digital representation of a bus and thought "You know, that bus is kinda sexy." I do think the seats could be a little cushier though. Those seats look like some straight airport terminal-style plastic.

So, like, you want specs on these buses, right? I got you:

"A long-standing relationship with Mercedes-Benz has allowed astragon and stillallive to recreate eCitaro buses in remarkable detail. In addition to a small two-doored, 12-meter-long, maneuverable eCitaro electric bus with two axles, Bus Simulator 21 will include a large three-door, 18-meter-long eCitaro G articulated bus equipped with three axles and plenty of space for passengers. Enthusiasts will also be able to hit the road with other Mercedes-Benz buses like the Citaro G, the agile Citaro K, an up-to-date version of the Citaro O 530, the CapaCity and the extra-long CapaCity L articulated bus."

The Mercedes buses take their place among 30 licensed buses in two environments - one based on a European cities, and one inspired by the San Fransisco Bay Area. Bus Simulator 21 is scheduled to release on September 7, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.