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It turns out I still can’t get over how cool Biomutant looks

by: Charlie -
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Biomutant is a game that, as of the last few trailers, is firmly on my radar. Before the past few weeks, it had merely been that game I had heard of that kept getting delayed. Then, in April, the ‘World of Biomutant’ trailer was released and I posted how I couldn’t get over how cool it looked. As it turns out, I still can’t get over how cool Biomutant looks, especially after the new gameplay video that came out today courtesy of GameInformer. 

The trailer shows off just under 12 minutes of new footage of the game's bizarre biomes and crazy combat. Feast your eyes on it below. 

Thanks to a Q&A, also published by GameInformer, I learnt a lot of cool info that wasn’t included in the gameplay video. 

For instance, I had no idea there was a character creator in the game. In creating your character, you’re able to choose one of six breeds: Primal, Dumdon, Rex, Hyla, Fip, and Murgel. Each reflects the game’s six tribes and sports inherent traits and advantages.

Biomutant also features classes. Biomutant has 5 classes to choose from. Each comes with a starter skill and a unique perk. Be sure to check out the full Q&A linked above for a breakdown. Oh, there’s also a photo mode! 

Biomutant also features what is essentially a karma system with Aura. Biomutant features choice-driven gameplay and storytelling, and your decisions fall into the light or dark side of the spectrum.

If you’re as interested in Biomutant as I am, be sure to read the full Q&A linked above.