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I don't know what Crossroads Inn is, but I'm getting mad Game of Thrones vibes off of this Xbox teaser

by: Eric -
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Crossroads Inn is a game that is coming to Xbox on May 19th. I am not entirely sure what the game is all about, but I can say that the makers of this trailer took a long, hard look at the opening credits for Game of Thrones and thought "We're gonna do something very much like that." Check it out:

Not the most informative clip, is it? Rolling coins, exploding crowns, bloody maps. Some candles. Melty swords. But damned if I don't want to check it out even if I don't understand what it is. It's that song. It inspired the need to invade castles and slog through mud on a horse.

In all seriousness though, I did some digging, and found the following description of Crossroads Inn: "Crossroads Inn is a real-time inn management sim set in the original fantasy world, Delcrys. Build and run your tavern, and meet the needs of both bodies and spirits of all types of adventurers. Your tasks include hiring and training the right employees, managing deliveries, creating new cooking recipes, and setting a menu tailored to your visitors. Plan ahead, cater to the different social groups visiting your place, and be careful about deliveries, and you will become the most famous innkeeper in Delcrys history! The game offers a story mode and an Open World mode."

So yeah, that sounds pretty cool. I took a trip over to the Steam page for Crossroads Inn, and found the trailer there fairly intriguing as well. Lots of ale, pigs, and naked people. Might have to check this one out.