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New Watch Dogs: Legion update gives players a new psychic character

by: Eric -
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Lest you forgot, Ubisoft is still working diligently on new content for Watch Dogs: Legion. The first big update is coming on May 4, 2021, six months to the day after the main title released. Of course, the multiplayer segment of Watch Dogs: Legion went live a few months back, so its not like Ubi has been sitting on its heels doing nothing all this time. 

This new "Update 1" (which is strangely also known as "Title Update 4.0) is packed with content. Season pass players will gain access to Mina Sidhu, a new premium character with psychic abilities. With her Mind Control Device, the OMNI Optik, Mina will be able to take full control of enemies and force them to do her bidding. She also wields a Mental Blast, which she can use to stun baddies. Take a look at this trailer for a good look at Mina and bunch of other cool stuff:

Mina access, a new Stories mission, two new operatives, customization options, new abilities; there is a ton of stuff packed into this update. Not to mention all the sweet stuff that is getting added to the online mode. 

More updates are on the way. In late June, Season Pass players will get access to Aiden Pierce from the original Watch Dogs and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. Then in August, Darcy from Assassin's Creed will be dropping in as a playable character. 

Watch Dogs: Legion is now available on PlayStation consoles, Xbox, and Stadia. Take a look at our original 9/10 review for details on the base game.