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Your Deepest Sword isn't long enough to impress this lady dragon

by: Randy -
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Straight out of this year's Ludum Dare game jam competition, Deepest Sword is a cute little thing. Your increasingly lengthy sword is part Bennet Foddy's Getting Over It. And the sweetie of a fire-breathing dragon will shame your sword's phallic inadequacies—as you try to stab the dragon's heart with your blade.

That's it. You pole vault your way across a short and slightly shifting platformer, climb up the dragon's back, hear how your sword isn't long enough, get turned into a shish kebab, then try again—each time with a slightly longer sword from your weapon smithy. 

Just watch your little knight sweat, as the increasingly long swords actually make it harder to reach the dragon in the first place. I had a good 10 minutes of fun with it. I had even more fun convincing a couple guys in the Gaming Nexus Slack channel to try it. And you can just play it in a browser right now, nothing crazy. Click that link and you're already playing.

Cosmic Adventure Squad's Deepest Sword is the next big thing in gaming—and it only gets bigger.