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So, what are we playing?

by: Randy -
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Sooner or later, big entertainment companies, like Netflix, want to get into video games—but that's usually not enough. Conversely, Sony's (somewhat off-topic) answer to Xbox Game Pass is the PlayStation Plus Video Pass. And Military.com wades into Six Days in Fallujah, a video game recounting one of Iraq's bloodiest battles, where missions begin with an interview with a Marine or soldier who participated in the event.
So, what are we playing?

Eric Hauter
I've carefully read over the embargo, and I do believe that I am permitted to say that I am playing Returnal, the new bullet-hell roguelike from Sony and Housemarque. That description is rather misleading though, because there is a lot more going on in Returnal than just glowing bullets and repeated dying. I mean, that's a lot of the experience, but things go somewhat deeper. I can't really give much more information than that, but I will say that the terms "bullet-hell" and "roguelike" typically send me running screaming in the other direction, but I'm really engaged with Returnal. Perhaps its because Games N Moorer's Joseph bullied me into playing it. "Sucka MC," indeed.
Randy Kalista
If a volcanic post-apocalypse were an ambient chillout lounge, it'd be Ashwalkers. I agonized over every decision during my first playthrough. Who's eating, tonight? How much wood to burn? Sneak past or scare off that enormous carrion bird? But the promise of 34 different endings is drawing me back in for another run. And, like having children or committing murder, you're much more relaxed with the second one.
In video game-adjacent news, our D&D Slack channel is showing signs of life once again. The Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus campaign is back on its downward spiral, but this time picking up two more players. Hello, newer Gaming Nexus writer Elliot Hilderbrand, and hello, older Gaming Nexus writer Sean Cahill. And hello to the veterans who've been here since the prologue, Eric Hauter and John Yan. Now for the herding-cats task of getting these folks to all meet in a tavern, and then sending them on their way to hell.