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Destroy your WorldBox with a Crabzilla in a Santa hat shooting lasers out of its claws

by: Randy -
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Sometimes you just want to skip to the good part of a world builder: the acts of God, the extinction level events, the total planet wipe. It taps into the toddler part of your brain, where if you see a stack of blocks, it's your job to knock them down. If you see a fully built LEGO set, it's your job to break it. If you see a full plate of food and there are way too many vegetables on it, send it over the side of your highchair. 

That's what WorldBox taps into. It's not the most exciting name. But the trailer convinced me of the inherent level of fun that exists in all destruction, especially when you're the one wielding those tools of destruction. Of course, it's always harder to tear something down when you were the one that built it up. But hopefully in your godlike travels, you come across a cat-killing tribe of orcs that have absolutely just asked for a smite.

It's also neat that these are cute-as-a-button, Super Mario Bros. 3-like maps. The maps likewise seem to be begging for a herd of tornadoes to be sent their way. Or a rash of lightning blasts that leave the countryside scarred and burning. Or even a good ol' UFO that's tractor beaming up a shepherd's flock, one bundle of future cotton at a time. Watch till the end for the enormous bowling ball drop. (And on the game's Steam Page, there's even a giant "Crabzilla" with laser claws and a Santa hat sending a lovely seaside town to the bottom of the ocean. I mean c'mon. Are you not entertained?

 WorldBox is in PC alpha directly from the developer for $9.99. It'll hit Steam Early Access at some point later, TBD.