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instax mini Link will let you print off Switch screenshots

by: Elliot -
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First question, do you recall Blockbuster? Second question, did you ever go into a Blockbuster to print out your Pokemon Snap pictures? Third question, were you one of the lucky kids to have a Game Boy Printer? Blockbuster and Game Boys are relics of the past, but luckily Pokemon Snap is making a comeback later this month! And today Nintendo announced they are making a way for you to not only print Pokemon, but screenshots from your Nintendo Switch with your smartphone. The instax mini Link has been around for a little while now, and let’s you print photos straight from your phone, but soon you will be able to do the same with your Switch. The device is also bound for the United States as well as Japan. No word on pricing or when this may be available, but hopefully just in time to show off those epic Pokemon Snap photos.