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Have you fallen victim to the inventory wiping bug on Outriders? Restoration is coming

by: Charlie -
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Like any major online-only game, Outriders has suffered from its fair share of issues upon release. Though, the most egregious issue is undoubtedly the inventory wiping bug that some players have fallen victim to. Sadly, that includes yours truly. 

There is a silver lining, however. Developers People Can Fly took to Reddit to confirm they’re working on restoring players inventories. Whilst the bug has since been patched, players like myself are left with characters that we can’t play with.

The tldr of the fix from People Can Fly is as follows:  “We’re aiming to restore as many lost items and accolades as possible. Restored items will be god rolls. Characters encountering the “Couldn’t Connect to Server” login error will no longer encounter this error once restoration is complete. Restoration testing is currently underway and we aim to provide an exact schedule for completed restorations ASAP.”

For the full response, be sure to check out the Reddit post by clicking here