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The Forgotten City mod is becoming a fully fleshed out game

by: Elliot -
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The Forgotten City is a mod available on PC for Skyrim that has over three million downloads. It was also the first mod to win a national Writers' Guild award. In the mod you followed a non linear path around an underground city to interrogate people and solve a crime. A cinematic trailer for the new The Forgotten City has been released. This stand alone title coming to every console; Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X /S, Xbox One, and PC will attempt to bottle the mod's success into it’s own time hopping mystery.

“Trapped in a secret underground city in the time of the Roman Empire, twenty-three lost souls cling to life. In this precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious Golden Rule, everyone dies. As a time-traveler drawn two thousand years into the past, you’ll relive their final moments in an endless loop, exploring and interrogating, and changing the course of the day with each secret you uncover.”

Some of the features include:

  • Explore an authentic, open-world ancient Roman city brought to life with Unreal Engine.
  • Become entwined in the lives of richly detailed, deeply interactive characters.
  • Grapple with moral dilemmas which have life-and-death consequences.
  • Investigate a gripping, non-linear mystery with multiple endings.
  • Role-play as whoever you want, choosing your own gender, origin and backstory.
  • Solve problems your own way, with reason, charm, bribery, stealth, intimidation, or by cleverly exploiting the time-loop.