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Here is how to play Trials of Fire

by: Rob -
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The good folks over at Whatboy have produced this video to give you a great primer on how to get into their latest offering, Trials of Fire. I actually just submitted my review for the game and that should be posting soon on this site (spoiler alert: I like it a lot!). Trials of Fire is a deck building roguelike that combines the depth of a great deck building game with the replay-ability of a roguelike using procedurally generated maps and random encounters. Key features as highlighted in the press release:

  • A new kind of deck-driven combat. Tactical, turn-based battles on hex-based maps combine party tactics, positional play and deck-building skill. Optimise each Hero’s capabilities by taking advantage of powerful card synergies and by combining Heroes’ individual skills and powers.

  • Game-changing loot and limitless combinations. Players are able to build out their party with any combination of nine unique character classes. Equip their Heroes with over 200 unique items and over 320 upgradeable Skill Cards. Every run will be different.

  • A vast and varied wasteland. Players traverse an immense overworld filled with combat and narrative encounters, choosing their own path and defining their own adventure as they search and fight for resources critical to their survival. 

  • Play your way. Six different game modes and customisable quests allow gamers to tailor their play session how they want. Blast through a quick-fire combat run, endure an endless survival mode or take on unique, daily challenges.

Trials of Fire is available now on Steam.