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Out in the black-and-white wastes, Ashwalkers can go one of 34 ways

by: Randy -
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Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey launches today. Just to be clear, developer Nameless XIII put "A Survival Journey" in the subtitle so you'd know what you're getting into. From a shifting isometric viewpoint, your team of four vault dwellers are heading out to the surface, crossing the wastes, scavenging for food, and trying to stay warm in the cold-at-night desert. 

I love the sketchy art, the desaturated pallet, and the sense that no one knows how each encounter might go. In the beginning, they're sent out to find "the dome of domes," and you're not told where it is, what it is, or even if the thing still exists. This story trailer uses a moving-concept-art-style, with brothers and sisters in arms just trying to get through it, and the requisite acoustic guitar soundtrack plucking away, filling out the new wild west ambience. 

[Also, I couldn't come up with a good Look, Ashwalkers vs. Luke Skywalker joke, so just laugh and pretend I did. Thanks for all you do.]

Ashwalkers is out today on PC: Steam, GOG, and Epic—pick your poison. Our review copy is in hand. Stay tuned.