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Nintendo Indie World showcases 21 upcoming titles, some released today

by: Elliot -
More On: Fez The Longing There is No Game: Wrong Dimension

Nintendo held Nintendo Indie World where 21 games were shown, some to release starting today, others are marked for 2022.

Three of the titles announced are available starting right now. FEZ, The Longing, and There is No Game: Wrong Dimension will be released later in the day.

FEZ Is a puzzle-platform video game developed by Polytron Corporation. In the game players rotate between four 2D views to readjust platforms to solve puzzles while trying to put the world back together.

It's hard to call The Longing a game based on it's description. It's a point-and-click “idle adventure” where, ”The king's powers have faded and he falls asleep for 400 days to regain his might. It is your duty to stay in the earthen palace until he awakens.”

Perhaps the strangest title is There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, another Point & Click labeled as a comedy adventure. The description suggests it, “will take you on a journey you never asked to go on, through silly and unexpected video game universes.”

Two other titles have demos available starting today, with full releases in the near future. Aerial_Knight's Never Yield has a demo available today and a full release on May 19. Cris Tales releases July 20 but also has a demo available right now. For a full list of games see the Nintendo Indie World site, or watch the Youtube video to see all the juicy details.