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PAC MAN 99 shadow drops April 7

by: Elliot -
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In 2019 Tetris 99 was somehow able to turn a came about testing your mettle against an onslaught of blocks into a multiplayer battle royale. It came out of nowhere to become my most played game of 2019. Mario 35 came out last year with the same battle royale concept, proving the formula could work for Mario. Now it’s PAC MAN’s turn to do the same with PAC MAN 99.

PAC MAN 99 is coming out April 7 exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members. Just like Tetris 99 and the recently defunct Mario 35, PAC MAN 99 places player against player in a battle royale style fight to see who comes out on top.

Personally I’m really looking forward to next year’s Earthworm Jim 99, should be a good time.