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Tasomachi flies in with gorgeous visuals on the 14th

by: Jon -
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If you've seen some of the games I've reviewed, you know I'm a fan of visually appealing, story driven games. Luckily there's a new entry rolling into this scope next Wednesday, April 14th when Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight will be released on Steam and GOG. How do I know that I'll like the visuals you say? Well for three reason. One, the game comes from nocras, who was credited on Final Fantasy XIV, and Breath of the Wild is behind the game. Two, there's a photo mode built into the game which is always a good sign. Lastly three, and the most obvious reason, the trailer below that shows off the look. 

The game is set place in a fictional far east region, where you'll be tasked with piloting an airship and exploring through platforming on several levels. Tasomachi will also cover several collection related tasks where at a home base between levels you can take on additional tasks to get new outfits, decorations for your home, and ship upgrades. If you like the trailer below, keep an eye out for the game's release next Wednesday.