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Demeo's extended gameplay trailer got me all excited about having VR RPG adventures

by: Eric -
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The new extended gameplay trailer for Demeo landed in my inbox today, and I clicked on it with no idea what the game was all about. It turns out that it is a VR-based boardgame/RPG simulator, which made me incredibly excited. Check it out:

I immediately dropped the trailer into Gaming Nexus' D&D Slack channel and started ranting and raving about how we should play it. I then fired off an incredibly unprofessional email to developer Resolution Games, bombarding them with questions about cross-platform compatibility without even properly introducing myself. I can't help it. I love board/strategy/RPG games in VR, and this one looks like an absolute barn burner.

According to a recent press release, "Within the fantasy roguelike game of Demeo, up to four players band together to assume the role of an eagle-eyed hunter, a mystical sorcerer, a deadly assassin or a protective guardian. Strategy is a key component of Demeo, so players need to work together as a team to set the Mad Elven King free... or die trying."

I'll have more on Demeo leading up to the game's May 6 release. In the meantime, you can wishlist Demeo on it's Steam page here. Demeo is releasing initially on Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. The game's Steam page also reveals that a "flat" version of the game is coming soon.