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There's no rescue coming in Icarus

by: Rob -
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Sometimes a trailer just catches you and won't let you go. The one below for Icarus did just that for me. While light on gameplay detail, the cinematic trailer set in documentary form below really captures a narrative I find compelling. I like the concept of survival games often more than actually playing them, but this one weaves a tale that makes sense and introduces many key elements that will eventually be tenants of the game play. It creates a rich background of scare resources, lays the ground work for the necessity to use bows while wearing a spacesuit, it details while the terraforming went off the rails and introduces the key currency and goal of the gameplay loop while also setting the parapets and timing of that loop all before showing a single second of actual game footage. 

If Icarus were a movie this is a trailer that would make me want to watch it. That this is such an effective trailer for a video game in the same vein as a film is all the more remarkable. 

You can keep up with the latest Icarus news at their official site or on their Steam page. There is no firm release date for Icarus, only that it is "Coming Soon..." However, the developers are hosting a Twitch stream in a few days to show off the game live. There is a previous video up there from a few days ago and the next session is set for April 8th at 8pm EST: https://www.twitch.tv/surviveicarus