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GamesNMoorer gets all 120 frames in Samurai Shodown, shouts, "Ippon!" against chat challengers

by: Randy -
More On: Samurai Shodown (2019)

GamesNMoorer knows the latest Samurai Shodown came out in 2019. But getting his hands on that 120 frames per second has Joseph Moorer tossing up the chef's kiss multiple times. Too bad, when streaming, the audience can only catch 60 of those 120 fps, so you'll just have to believe. Samurai Shodown II (1994) was his absolute favorite, but he's feeling this latest one.

At the 21:30 mark, Joseph gets his first player challenger. Someone strolls in—he's not even sure who—with Iroha. He switches from Ukyo to Darli for this fight. Joseph is excited and noticeably nervous all of a sudden. He takes a lot of damage before landing any kind of counter attack. It goes: one loss, one victory, then he clinches the win in the sudden death round. It's fun to see Joseph stop smiling and get all serious until he gets that "Ippon!" victory. If you want to challenge Joseph, get your copy of Samurai Shodown on Xbox Series X|S because that's where he's playing.

Stay tuned for more Samurai Shodown antics. We're looking to get Joseph on that season pass action. You can catch this latest stream on Twitch, especially if you like seeing an active chat on the side, or just go for the YouTube upload below.