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Games N Moorer celebrates Easter Sunday by swearing at Resident Evil Biohazard

by: Eric -
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Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer cannot handle Resident Evil, but he still spent a fair amount of his Easter Sunday flailing around and struggling through a few hours of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard's mid-game. Around the 15 minute mark of this video, he launches into a tirade of swearing at the game's map, and follows that up immediately by getting murdered by a few chumps in a living room. Like all Resident Evil players, he constantly decries his lack of "herbals", which puts him in a bad situation right out of the gate. Not long after his first death, the screaming begins in earnest.

Skip ahead about 12 minutes to miss Joe struggle to get the game to load and get straight to the action. Around the 20 minute mark, one of Joe's viewers cashes in some chips to force Joseph to not swear, which leads to a fair amount of hilarity. Check it out:

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