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Catching up with Games N Moorer

by: Eric -
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Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer, Gaming Nexus' streaming affiliate, is a busy man. He streams a lot, and as opposed to being one of those streamers that sticks with one game, Joseph tends to jump all over the place, completely unpredictably. You never know when he goes online what game he is going to be streaming. It could be a Nintendo classic. It could be a modern shooter. Or it could be...Space Invaders.

On April Fool's Day, Joseph did indeed hop online and stream an hour of Space Invaders for the people. He goes on and on about how Gaming Nexus sent him the code to this hot new game, and how he can't believe he is able to play it before it releases. "That's in Dolby Digital, son!"

Beyond Space Invaders, in the last week Joseph has streamed Mario Galaxy, Mario Maker 2, Fall Guys, UNO, and a full playthrough of Cuphead to celebrate his first anniversary as a streamer:

Last night, Joseph took to Twitch to stream Samurai Showdown (which you can check out via this link). The point is, if you aren't subscribing to Joseph's channels, you should be. He offers a wealth of unpredictable entertainment, and is well worth a watch.

Like the rest of Gaming Nexus, Joseph isn't in it for the money, he's in it for the love. He is super engaged with his audience, and is about the friendliest streamer on the interwebs. We chose to partner with this guy for a reason. Every now and then, we toss him a game that hasn't come out yet, or some fun new weird thing that we think deserves to have more eyes on it. You never know what Joseph is going to show up with, but you can bet the bank that its gonna be fun.

Follow us on Twitter for announcements about when Games N Moorer is going live at @GamingNexus and @GamesNMoorer. Joseph streams on Facebook at http://facebook.com/gamesnmoorer/ and on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/gamesnmoorer .