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Brewmaster bringing boozy beverage brewing in 2022

by: Jon -
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Like many 30 somethings in the Midwest, I've tinkered with making my own beer at one point or another. While I never personally continued with the endeavor, I still enjoy a cold one every once and a while and think about what it would be like to make my own. Then I remember how much equipment and space you need, of which I have neither. Luckily for me we're in an era where you can find simulator games for most anything, and Brewmaster will add home brewing beer to that list.

The game aims to bring realism to the simulation of building your own home brewery, and being able to test your own recipes. Learning everything about malts, hops, and fermentation along the way. Brewmaster isn't set to come out until 2022, but check out the preview below that shows off some of the step by step beer brewing process.