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RetroMania, sequel to 1991's WrestleFest out on Switch

by: Elliot -
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Yesterday Retrosoft Studio sent out a tweet announcing RetroMania Wrestling would be hitting the Nintendo Switch today. This game is the official sequel to 1991’s WWF WrestleFest.

RetroMania Wrestling is, “RetroMania Wrestling is a pick up and play arcade wrestling game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play.” The game features four game modes including a story mode starring Johnny Retro.

Some of the 16 player roster of playable characters include: Animal, Big Steve Cool, Colt Cabana, Hawk, Warhorse, to name a few.. RetroMania Wrestling is even planning a DLC package with three additional wrestlers.

RetroMania Wrestling is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One, with plans to bring it to PlayStation in the near future.