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Doom 3: VR edition launches on PSVR

by: Rob -
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 PSVR continues to be very much not dead... 

Doom 3 is the latest game to be given the VR update treatment with Doom 3: VR launching for PSVR. Doom 3: VR includes both of the base game's expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, to total "15 hours of heart-stopping action" according to the press releases. The game also features a few quality of life improvements to deliver it's trademark brutal, fast paced action to the virtual world with head tracking around corners; angling shots with flashlight-mounted weapons; 180-degree quick-turns; and a wrist-mounted display to track health, armor, and ammo. It's taking what worked with Doom VFR and expanding on the gameplay, while also bringing in the AIM controller support. 

You can find Doom 3: VR on the Playstation Store