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LootRiver had me at the tagline

by: Rob -
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The email title of the press release reads: "Dark Souls meets Tetris in isle-shifting action roguelike LootRiver." I'm not convinced either comparisons are entirely on point but it did the job and piqued my interest. Being a top-down adventure game, I'm feeling this is more Hyper Light Drifter or something than Soulslike, especially given the pixelated visual style. And Tetris? With a roguelike? How the heck do you pull off decent puzzle sequences with generated levels...

I gotta admit, although I think the comparison isn't perfect, it did paint the picture that this is an adventure puzzle game, and I'm intrigued. It's a shame that it's only announced right now for Xbox and PC because I'd love to spin this one up in my PS5 or especially my Switch. Doesn't this just feel like a game made for Switch?

Only just announced, hopefully we will hear more about LootRiver and the little Slovakian outfit behind it, straka.studio soon. The trailer below does a great job giving you a taste of what's in store, and there is more detail on the official website: https://lootriver.com

No word on a release timeline yet...