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EA Play will finally come to Xbox Game Pass PC tomorrow

by: John -
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While the Xbox console players have had access to EA games with Xbox Game Pass, PC Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been waiting on this feature. They talked about it last year, but the move to allow PC subscribers to access EA games have been put on the back burner a few times. That is until tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers will have access to EA Play. You'll need to install the EA Desktop app and link your EA account to your Xbox account in order to do so, but it's finally going to happen. Star Wars Squadron will be available for every subscriber as well as 60+ other games.

You'll also get 10 hour access to new releases and other perks so it's a very nice addition to those that are already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

My experience with the EA Desktop app has been a little disappointing though as I've run into a few bugs and crashes, one of which is my Settings tab is completely blank. I've actually had it installed a while trying to get it to work well over the Origin app. So, hopefully, EA can continue to improve on the app at a quick pace to address issues as I've seen more than a few posts of people having a problem or two with it.