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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 4 begins March 22

by: Elliot -
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If you have PS Plus there’s a good chance you grabbed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the battle royale platformer, when it first came out. If you’re like me you got on the hype train like everyone else, and then got off at the next stop. In my circle Among Us came in and stole it’s thunder.

Maker Mediatonic released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming season four, and is looking sus, if you know what I mean. Make sure to watch the trailer till the end!

Past seasons have had medieval and winter themes. Season four will be future themed with a retro 80s flair thrown in for good measure. First Stranger Things, then Wonder Woman 1984, and now Fall Guys. Obviously a natural progression. The new season is set to begin on March 22nd.

Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PlayStation and PC; with plans for Xbox and Switch sometime in 2021.