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Anything is a controller if you’re brave enough

by: Elliot -
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Video game controllers made to look like bongos, guitars, dance pads, and now bananas? GamesIndustry recently found a new patent from Sony that wants to make that happen.

Pictures released of the patent use a banana as the go to example but it does state any, “passive non-luminous object being held by a user as a video games controller.” Imagine the possibilities! Combs, shoes, a bottle of lotion. How meta would it be to use a controller as a controller with this technology?

This could change how games are played, especially for gamers who are physically challenged in some capacity. Using a more ergonomic controller, or a completely flat surface could make it much easier for them to enjoy games.

It even seems as though Sony is trying to help out gamers on a budget. When talking about traditional controllers the patent states, “Whilst peripherals such as these can enrich a player's video game experience, the technical complexity (and therefore cost) associated with such devices can often act as a barrier to entry in terms of players accessing such equipment.” how thoughtful.

No one knows Sony’s endgame with the patent, nothing could come of it at all. I picture myself rage quitting and just smashing my banana into my hand as yet another tween takes me out in Warzone. As it currently sits the price per pound for bananas sits around 57 cents. I’m going to call it now, bananas are the new GME, jump on board while you still can.