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Why is like nobody doing dragon-mounted combat except Century: Age of Ashes?

by: Randy -
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These are few and far between, but Century: Age of Ashes wants to take a stab at this whole dragon-mounted combat thing. Sure, there's plenty of mounted combat in games, but it's usually on horseback. And yes, plenty of dragons in games too, but you're usually fighting against them, not beside them. You'll even find lots of flying in games, but it seems like we're going through a hawks and eagles phase there.

All of the elements are in place, but it seems Century: Age of Ashes is still one of the very few games willing to take on this perfect storm of elements to make up mounted dragon PvP dogfighting. If dogfighting is cool in X-Wings and TIE-Fighters then it can be cool on dragonback, right? Again, some games have tried, but most left us still searching for a gamified series of Dragonlance novels that haven't materialized yet.

But Century's dragons look cool enough, and there appears to be room for some all-important customization. They're not as nasty-looking as, say, Skyrim dragons, but Century's lords of the sky are sleek and look like they'd cover a lot of territory quickly. It's arena PvP combat through and through. There are maps, classes, and modes, and all in service of creating something like a Call of Duty in the sky.

The first large-scale beta will open up soon. Signups are on Century's Steam page to request access to the playtest. Fuller details on the game's development are on the official webite.