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Atlus wants your thoughts on sequels, ports, and coming to the Xbox

by: Elliot -
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Atlus is once again asking for your thoughts.

The maker of the Persona 5, and daydreams I don’t talk about (looking at you Ann Takamaki) is back with their yearly survey.

Familiar questions from previous years show up. Atlus is seeking your thoughts on sequels and ports from previous games. New questions of interest involve a console not mentioned before. Xbox is now an option players can show interest in; previous years focused on Switch and PC. Questions about the coronavirus pandemic show up as well. They would also love to hear how much money you, “are free to use” and how much of that goes towards smartphone games. Persona 5 mobile anyone?

In previous years Catherine had ranked highly in player surveys. Perhaps as a result the Nintendo Switch received Catherine: Full Body in 2020. Director and producer Katsura Hashino has gone on to call this the definitive version of Catherine. Catherine released in North America in 2011.

There are 63 questions in total and estimated to take 45 minutes to complete, if you are fluent in Japanese (Google Translate counts right?). Does this mean Persona 5 could be coming to another console?