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Games N Moorer celebrates the Nintendo Switch's fourth birthday by freaking out for three hours

by: Eric -
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Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer took a full stream earlier this week to spend three hours gushing about the Nintendo Switch. There is no question that the Switch is Joseph's favorite system, and he has no qualms about delivering hour after hour of praise to the system, and proudly showing off all of his accessories like a little kid.

Starting with NBA 2K20, Joseph spends the stream running through an impressive series of games, screaming about the glories of the Switch as though none of us had ever heard of Pro controllers, the Switch Lite, or Mario Maker. Taking fan boys of other systems to task, he proceeds to totally fanboy out about all of his games, and how well they run on his Switch. His unsolicited enthusiasm is pretty funny - as is his random Nino Brown reference. 

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