Here is all the content coming to Hitman 3 this month

by: Nathan -
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The content drops for Hitman 3 continue this month with more Elusive Targets, a seasonal event and more escalation missions. Here is a quick rundown of everything available this month. Be sure to check out the trailer below for full details of all of the unlockable content and missions. 

  • Seasonal Event - Berlin Egg Hunt (March 30th - April 12th)
  • Deluxe Escalation - The Satu Mare Delirium (Deluxe Escalation missions are only available to those who own the Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe upgrade pack)
  • Escalation - The Lesley Celebration (March 4th)
  • Chongquing Featured Contracts by Easy Allies (March 11th)
  • The Stowaway - Isle of Sgail Elusive Target (March 19th)
  • Mendoza Featured Contracts by Eurogamer (March 25th)
  • The Tactical Turtleneck - Unlockable bonus for the month of March