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Fly across your TV as a sugar glider as AWAY adds Xbox to its release platforms this year

by: Jon -
More On: AWAY: The Survival Series

Everyone loves the adorable sugar glider. Everyone loves the soothing narrative and views provided by documentaries like Planet Earth. So why not put the two together in a game? That's exactly what happened when indie developer Breaking Walls started to make AWAY: The Survival Series. We first brought word of the game almost two years ago when Randy enlightened us to the sugar gliders family tree, but now you won't have to wait a whole lot longer to try it out. Initially set to launch on PC and PS4, Away has now added Xbox One and Series X|S to its release platforms, with news that the game will be released this year. 

While you're waiting for this narrated adventure to come to your screen, you can check out a VR demo the team has been working on that moves you from the solid ground of the sugar glider to the air zone of a Bearded Vulture. 

For more info on the series, check out the official site, and the trailer below.