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Amazing-looking prehistoric VR survival game Song in the Smoke announced

by: Eric -
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Flying out of left field, developer 17-BIT (Skulls of the ShogunGALAK-Z) showed up in the old game feed this morning to announce the fantastic-looking Song in the Smoke, a VR survival game set in a prehistoric world filled with crafting, purple dinosaurs, and..was that a sabretooth tiger?

Check out the trailer here:

Song in the Smoke will run players through eight environments, from jungle settings to frozen mountain ranges. Players will creep around gathering materials to make tools, weapons, clothes...and, well, you know the drill. But in VR! The visuals on this one look amazing, and I can't recall another survival game in VR, particularly not one taking place in as cool a setting as this one.

Song of the Smoke will be releasing on PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift later in 2021.