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Original Gameboy entry Dragonborne makes its way to PC and a physical re-relase

by: Jon -
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Recently I've had an itch to jump back to some of the oldschool RPG's I played when I was younger.  To that end I pulled out the old GameBoy only to realize that I'm horribly unorganized and don't have 90% of my games anymore.  So my search went on, and fortunately that's when I stumbled upon a new game that will still satisfy my desire, Dragonborne. What makes this game stick out in my search you say? Well, even though this is in fact a new game, it's a Gameboy release in the year 2021 and that is awesome. 

Now releasing a game for a console that is literally as old as I am may limit those who can get ahold of it. To counteract that, the game is taking on two forms. First being available for purchase directly on steam if you don't happen to have your Gameboy, Gameboy Color, or Gameboy Advance lying around. For those who would like something more akin to their original gameboy experience though, you can purchase a physical copy of the game to be shipped to you and able to be played on an original gameboy, color, or advance.  This physical copy comes with an original packaging box and manual as well to add to that retro experience. 

For others wanting to revisit the feel of some games of old, check out the trailer below, and see if Dragonborne may scratch that itch for you.