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Zen Studios announces Star Wars Pinball VR with the most clever game trailer EVER

by: Eric -
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Oh man, did I use all caps there? Yes, because Zen Studios announced Star Wars Pinball VR today. I am ludicrously excited about this game - and that excitement is amplified by the amazing trailer Zen Studios dropped today to announce it.

Why is that trailer so great? Well, are you old enough to remember seeing this in the theater?

The use of this trailer format is clever as hell, and will instantly cause folks of a certain age to blink in recognition. And the comparison between watching the movies on the big screen and playing the games in VR instead of on a television is apt, as VR adds an entire new dimension to gameplay. And the fact that Zen has blown out the minigames to full VR experiences? Absolutely superb. 

Dork fact about me: I play Zen Pinball games on a 100" screen with a projector and a surround system, and it is utterly fantastic. I thought that was as good as it can get. But them putting Star Wars Pinball into VR? They tricked me and made it even better.

And then there are the two new tables included - The Mandalorian and the newly announced Classic Collectables table. How great is that?

In case you can't tell, I'm pretty excited for this one. I love Star Wars Pinball and I love VR games, so this is something that I can really look forward to. Today's press release gives even more detail: "The “Fan Cave” is the new home for both your pinball table and the customizable array of Star Wars lightsabers, blasters, helmets and more you’ll earn while playing. Place an action figure on the pinball table and the room comes to life – not only with a new table to play, but with life-sized characters and vehicles joining you on either side. Total Immersion mode lets you experience everything at table level, standing you side-by-side with your favorite characters. And full 360-degree mini-games surround you with iconic Star Wars set pieces like the speeder bike chase on Endor, the Bespin carbon-freezing chamber duel, and more."

Oh my, did you say "Total Immersion mode"?

Star Wars Pinball VR will release on the original Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR on April 29, 2021. I will be bouncing in my seat like a little kid in anticipation until then.