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Star Wars: Republic Commando returns on Switch and PS4

by: Eric -
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In a somewhat unbelievable turn of events, fan-favorite Star Wars game Republic Commando is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 6. 

Star Wars: Republic Commando was first released in 2005 of PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and has since gained a cult following among Star Wars game fans. A first person tactical shooter, Republic Commando puts players in charge of a team of clone troopers as they rip through a series of missions during the Clone Wars. Don't let the association with the Star Wars prequel trilogy throw you off - this game is dope.

Star Wars: Republic Commando has been modernized with modern controls, but other than that, appears to deliver the original campaign completely intact. According to a recent press release, "your squad will follow your orders and your lead, working together as a team - instinctively, intelligently, instantly. Relive the legendary campaign."

Star Wars: Republic Commando is scheduled for release on April 6 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, retailing for $14.99.