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A new Zombies experience and a free week to play it coming with Black Ops Cold War Season 2

by: Rob -
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Call of Duty Zombies has always been about tight spaces. So much of the gameplay, iteration after iteration, has been fortifying a position, knowing the exit route, escaping only in between carefully designed corridors, and not getting trapped in a corner at any point. Well along comes Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's new Zombies Outbreak game mode that seems to be Turing that entire loop on its head. As the trailer below clearly details, Zombies is moving to the open world - with vehicles chases, and hordes spread wide instead of trained narrow along a firing line. This might be cool. 

But it's not just open spaces that change the narrative, this mode is very objective focused. In Zombies modes past, players had a choice: they could follow the narrative and walk through a series of objectives to advance a plot, but that was optional. If you preferred to just shoot and kill and survive as long as you could, that was you prerogative. In outbreak however, the objectives are the mission. Fail one, fail the mode. Defending a position, escorting a rover, retrieving an item, eliminating a high value target, and yes, at times, you'll even fall back to the familiar structure of holding a location and boarding up the windows against an onslaught. It's all there, only that each objective is do or die. 

New gameplay, new rewards, new Zombies experience. All the details are in the latest Call of Duty blog: https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2021/02/Zombies-Experience-Intel-Outbreak

It all kicks off with Season 2, February 25th, even if you don't own the game. There will be a Free Access Week for those who just want to try it out. That week will run through March 4th and is for all players, whether you own the game or Season 2 or not. Progress in the free access week will carry-over into a full purchase and both Zombies and Multiplayer will be open for the duration of the open period.