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Beacon Pines injects children's stories with a healthy dose of creepiness

by: Eric -
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As a dad with two young children, I find myself reading a lot of children's books. I find many of them to be a bit of a snooze, but there are certain stories that cause me to sit up and take notice - usually the ones that have a hint of danger or darkness lurking around the edges. 

Beacon Pines, a new game that has been fully funded on Kickstarter, looks like it is going to take that creepy kid's story dynamic and push it to the hilt. Self-described as "Winnie the Pooh meets Twin Peaks", Beacon Pines...well...it goes places. Check out this trailer:

Some of Beacon Pine's features, as listed in a recent press release:

  • Explore an illustrated town full of charming characters - and unnerving secrets
  • Change past events by turning back the storybook, uncovering new branches
  • Discover new words and use them to write (and rewrite) the game’s story
  • Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch (more platforms possible)

Beacon Pines' Kickstarter runs through March 5th if you want to support the game's development. Or, if you just want to check it out, a demo is available here.