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I trapped a troll in Valheim and it was an amazing experience

by: John -
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When a new survival game comes out nowadays,  I tend to try new things rather than play it through in a "normal" way. Games like these are fun to experiment with. Sure, you can play it straight forward and have a great time, but going off script can lead to a rewarding experience.

In Valheim, I've been looking at different things to do and one of the reddit posts I came across was someone trapping a troll. Trolls are pretty menacing early on so capturing one seemed kind of a fun way to change it up a little.

Now, as a veteran in 7 Days to Die, I knew things despawned. A lot. So you couldn't keep a pet zombie because as soon as everyone logged off the server, they'd disappear.

Not so in Valheim. It seems there are certain rules where things don't despawn, and while I'm not 100% sure what it is, I jumped at the chance to keep a pet troll permanently.

I made a pit with floor boards on top so that the troll would have a path to chase me over the hole. Luring one from the black forest nearby, a group of us guided it to the floor boards and, well, this happened.

Yes! He fell through as I removed the floor boards with my hammer tool and was trapped with nowhere to go. It's been a few days and throughout some restarts of our server and time playing, the troll has remained trapped in our trap.

You have to be careful though as his reach with the log is pretty long and he can take a big bite out of your health should he connect with his overhead swing. I'm currently building a safety wall around him and an observation deck. I'm going to get back to the main goal of the game, which is to kill the 9 bosses in the world soon enough, but it's things like this that make the game fun to play and a great diversion from the everyday grind of trying to get to Valhalla.