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Games N Moorer chooses the best shooter of all time (while playing Warzone)

by: Eric -
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Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer upped the anti on his lunatic plan to debate gaming history while playing a game. As you recall, in his first edition, Joseph was attempting to ascertain the best sports game of all time while playing a marathon game of UNO. This time, he is attempting to zero in on the best shooter (first or third person) by running a 32 slot bracket while running around and shooting people. He brought the crew into Call of Duty: Warzone, which is a bit more active than UNO. Of course, Joseph legendarily detests Call of Duty games, so he starts off salty right out of the gate, angry at the game and relying on his teammates to carry him.

Shooter fans Reese Martin, Charles, and DJ Coolbreeze join Joseph for the debate. You know that things are off to a bad start when the team immediately chooses Call of Duty IV over Team Fortress in the first bracket. Disgraceful. Of course, it is tough as hell to wrangle the conversation while everyone is trying not to get killed. Which Joseph does, a lot.

As expected, the stream devolves into chaos - but it is funny, funny chaos. At the beginning of the stream, Joseph is gently correcting people for swearing. By the end, he is screaming a solid stream of cusswords at his guests like a drunken cable news host. Line of the stream: "Don't you ever call a grown man a ding-dong again."

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