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The Rogue makes their return to Diablo IV

by: John -
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It's that time of the year again where we get our yearly look at Diablo IV. This time, we're seeing a return of a classic character class. The Rogue was one of the selectable characters in the first Diablo game and will now be available for the fourth.

A master of killing, the Rogue relies on quick, precision strikes than can take down enemies quickly and easily.

As with past Blizzard trailers, this one features impressive computer rendered imagery and a bit of creepiness thrown in. I'm always a fan of how Blizzard leverages a cut scene to tell a story and how much work they put in into making a high quality cinematic and this is no different.

Of course, we still don't know when Blizzard will target Diablo IV's release and we probably are a few years out, but it's looking like a solid game with a return of three previous character classes along with the Rogue in this announcement. I'm hoping they will show off a brand new class the next time around, but I wouldn't be disappointed if the game only has classes from previous games.

The game is online only and for those wanting PVP, there will be areas called Fields of Hatred where once you walk in, it's a free for all. You'll be able to earn Shards of Hatred in the Fields, which allows you to trade them in for other goodies.

Diablo IV's looking pretty good to me and each small look gets me a little more excited to get my hands on the game.