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Games N Moorer drops a bunch of quarters in the Capcom Arcade Stadium

by: Eric -
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Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer is a long time enthusiast of retro arcade games. So he was delighted to get his hands on Capcom Arcade Stadium - Capcom's new retro gaming platform. With 32 new retro games to choose from, Joseph set off on a lunatic mission to try every game in one stream.

The rules: Joseph would start at the beginning and play every game until he died. He immediately gums up the works by trying to attack the games' Special Challenges - in this case, playing 1943 upside down. When he dies, the game is over, and he moves onto the next game. Joseph also spends a bit of time playing with Capcom Arcade Stadium's various settings, toggling through all of the display options and graphical settings. Overall, it's a pretty fun overview of the platform. As Joseph says, "Capcom games are my jam." I have a feeling he's going to be playing this one for a long time.

Capcom Arcade Stadium - one of the biggest, best greatest hits packages in video games - is now available on Nintendo Switch. In all, the collection includes 32 arcade classics. Players start for free with 1943 - The Battle for Midway, and then can select to buy any or all of the three add on packs to add to their collection.

Each of the games includes access to online leaderboards, which are sure to light up with ridiculous scores fairly quickly. The collection also features a rewind feature, difficulty options, and the ability to save and load each title at any time. It is a very nice, fully featured collection. 

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