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Rustler: Grand Theft Horse gallops into early access today

by: Eric -
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Rustler: Grand Theft Horse is exactly what you think it is - a cowboy-based comedy Grand Theft Auto 2-style action RPG. Starring a bald guy named "Guy", Rustler challenges players to "get some coins, have some fun with the ladies, and preferably achieve all of that with as little effort as possible." 

Still not 100% convinced? Well, take this trailer for a spin:

Now you get it. Rustler is weird as hell. But wait, here's another one:

Yep. That looks like a keeper. Rustler is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. Until February 25, the game is on sale for 25% off, so it'll run you $18.74. Not bad for such a big pile of strange.