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New roly-poly platformer Glyph arrives on Switch

by: Eric -
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Glyph, a new third-person platformer from developer Bolverk Games, has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Bolverk Games has previously been known in the VR space for its much-loved Dick Wilde series, and another kinda weird-but-fun title, Kittypocalpyse. If you aren't familiar with that one, it's well worth a look, as it has players taking out waves of adorable kittens, tower defense-style:

So yeah, these folks make some slightly off-the-wall games. Glyph seems to be Bulverk's first venture outside of VR, and it looks to be a slightly more traditional game, though it stills seems to maintain a fun sense of character. Players take on the role of a sphere-shaped mechanical scarab. As you can imagine, Glyph will have you rolling around through a number of levels, jumping, gliding, smashing stuff, and likely falling to your doom over and over again. That's how these games work, right?

Glyph is available from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. Right now (until February 28, 2021), Glyph is on sale for 30% off.