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Healer's Quest trailer reveals some amazing storybook graphics

by: Eric -
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Healer's Quest, a new RPG released yesterday on Nintendo Switch, has a great hook. The player is the healer in the party, and is saddled with the thankless task of keeping the rest of the party alive and healthy. Anyone that has played a healer role in an MMO will smile knowingly at this mechanic, as we have all been on the receiving end of an angry tank's endless criticism. 

Along with the great game concept and some pretty stellar witty dialogue, Healer's Quest offers one of the coolest visual styles I've seen in a game in quite some time. Check out the trailer:

I know the phrase "it's like a painting come to life" is a bit overused, but you know, if the shoe fits...

Developed by Rablo Games, Healer's Quest can be ordered here for $14.99.